After Dusk were formed in autumn of 2004 by two gothic rockers, John “Cecrops” V. and John “Preacherman_DF” K., as a result of a long-year activity in the specific genre. By March 2005 Akis L., a charismatic singer, was added to their ranks. Under the guidance of their producer, the experienced Bob Katsionis, After Dusk begun working on their debut album. A part of that music material can be heard in “Primal Memorandum – demo CD”, released in December 2005.

November 2007: the final part in the creation of the album (the artwork) has been completed. It will be entitled “End Of Our Days”. ¬†October 2013: the full album “End Of Our Days” is released by Gothic Music Records.

August 2013: A special edited version of “The Seas Of Infinity” (appropriately named R’lyeh Edit) is included in the compilation “This Is Gothic Rock: Vol. I” by ¬†Gothic Music Records
After the album release, Akis L. has made it clear that he is no longer interested in this project, so currently “After Dusk” are at a standstill.