GROUND NERO is the new Belgian dark wave/gothic band that redefines 80ies post punk & cold wave sound, making use of modern sound tech but keeping cold wave roots and culture, re-staging it with “wall-ofsound” arrangements, aiming at making people shiver….

THE SOUND: Heavy guitars, making use of typical 80ies sound effects, combined with dark synths and multi-track drums, forming a massive “Nero Ground” to accentuate the powerful voice of Guido Wampers, AKA Gwijde de Eerste.

Gwijde De Eerste: Vocals Peter Philtjens: Bass Peter Smeets: Guitars / Synths Danny Quetin: Sound Engineering

GROUND NERO is inspired by iconic bands, such as Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, Killing Joke, The Danse Society, The Chameleons, Cocteau Twins, X-Mal Deutschland, The Sound, Wire….

With the first only vinyl EP “BEYOND” you will find the dark dimensions of what GROUND NERO stands for. They have chosen to release this EP by themselves, controlling all aspects from the beginning till the end.
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